Arts and Wellness Camp

We invite you to a 2- day experiential workshop to take a break and check in with how you are doing on the inside.  Join us as we explore, express and understand the self through the use of the different expressive arts such as painting, music, movement and writing.  


This is for you if you want to:

  • De-stress, unwind and connect with yourself.
  • Be in safe, healing and caring environment to express and find personal healing..
  • Experience alternative meditation practice infused with different expressive arts.
  • Be in touched your inner creative self.
  • Find wisdom through yours and others’ sharing and experiences.


No prior training in the arts, writing, dancing or singing is required to enjoy this retreat. Just be open to the experience and allow yourself to flow with the process.


Arts and Wellness Camp is a practice combining meditation, expressive arts and storytelling.


  • Meditation allows you to tune in and get in touched with your inner state.
  • Expressive arts tap into your creativity as you explore and express yourself to the different arts.  Here, you are encouraged to trust yourself and flow with the process that unfolds.
  • Storytelling or group sharing gives you a safe space to share and be heard. This is a powerful tool that gives you a chance to share and resonate with others’ stories and experiences. The shared experience with the group brings a sense of community that offers support and togetherness to one another.

When: July 6-7, 2019

Where: Sacro Costato Retreat House #13 Scout Magbanua St. 1103 Quezon City 



Php 6,500.00/person

Php 6,300.00/person for pairs (Save P400)

Php 6,000/person for group of 3 (Save P1,500)

Php 5,500.00/person for group of 5 (Save P5,000)


Fee comes with personal art kit, lunch and snacks for 2 days


We can only accommodate 15-20 participants per batch to maintain an intimate atmosphere during workshops

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