Work Life Wellness

The employees are the life blood of a company. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that their employees overall well-being is well taken cared of.  As a result, they perform better at work and have healthier relationships with each other.


Creative Passion Path is here to help you through our workshops and retreats on various topics that cover career, wellness, team building, self-care, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). 


 Creative Path’s workshops use meditation, arts and story-telling in the process.


  • Meditation helps employees stay centered and relaxed. This allows them to find balance as they go through the challenges at work.
  • Arts encourages employees to let go release the stress and express themselves through mediums such as visual arts, music, movement, theater and writing.
  • Story-telling or group processing give employees a safe space to share and be heard. This is a powerful tool that allows them to understand and relate to each other. In effect, positive connections among colleagues create smoother working relationships and better team work.


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