Virtual Team Building

The employees are the life blood of a company. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that their employees overall well-being is well taken cared of.  As a result, they perform better at work, become more productive and have healthier relationships with each other.


Creative Passion Path is a service provider that creates programs on Wellness, Stress Management, Career Development, Team Building and Corporate Social Responsibility for corporations and organizations.  Our workshops are a mix of lectures, individual and group activities, games, arts, play, and sharing. We also design and implement programs according to the needs of the group.


Our team is composed of a group of facilitators with training in Psychology, Life Coaching and Focusing-Oriented Expressive Art Therapy.  We conduct individual and group sessions for non-corporate and corporate clients. Some of our corporate clients include Career Executive Service Board and JSN Group of Companies.


Our programs have had positive feedback, leaving employees happier and more productive at work.  If you are interested, we can meet and discuss with you more about our workshops or design a program that is fit to your group. 


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