Work Life Wellness

Work Life Wellness Workshop uses meditation, expressive arts and storytelling to help improve well-being.   When employees are well, they perform better and have healthier relationships with others.


Work Life Wellness Workshop is guided by Creative Passion Path’s practice of meditation, expressive arts and storytelling.


  • Meditation help employees stay centered, and relaxed. This allows them find balance as they go through the demands of their work.
  • Expressive arts encourages employees to let go, release the stress and express themselves through different expressive arts such as painting, sculpture, music, movement and writing. Expressive arts also taps their creativity. A creative and innovative employee is also a great asset in the company.
  • Storytelling or group processing give employees a safe space to share and be heard. This is a powerful tool that allows them to understand and relate to each other.  In effect, positive connections among colleagues creates smoother working relationships and better teamwork.

Modules are created according the needs of your group.  


To discuss booking, pricing and needs of your company, please contact us.


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