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5 Ways to Start a Habit of Self-Care Today!

All over the world, Filipinos are known to be carers.  We are known in the industries of caring, hospitality and customer support.  It is innate in us to be nurturers. Care giving does not end with our parents, children, family and loved ones but is experienced by our friends, colleagues, customers, neighbors and even people we just met on the street.  It simply makes us feel good to be of service to others. 


In the process of serving others, we tend to neglect our own need for self-care, sometimes to the point of thinking we are selfish if we attend to our own needs first.  But, as a famous saying goes, “We can not give what we do not have”.   Thus, we can not give care to the most important people in our lives when we do not take time to care for ourselves.  Likewise, we cannot put out so much energy for our passions when we do not take time to recharge. 

Start a habit of self-care now.  Here are some ways:


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Make a Promise to Hold Your Well-being Sacred!

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3-Minute Art Break: Mini Island Escape Dish Garden

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