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Creative Passion Path is about believing that each individual, given genuine respect, presence and empathy, can discover their capacity to find their own inner wisdom and passion path.



Behind this is Carolyn T. Tongco and Tanya Maria B. Gonzalez

Carolyn Tongco - Philippine Expressive Arts, Life Coaching and Meditation


Carol's passion is to use expressive arts, mindfulness practice, storytelling and life coaching to connect, empower and bring healing to individuals, groups and communities.


This is why she prefers to be called a “heartist”. She loves art and helping others.


She's a Certified Expressive Arts Coach granted by Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA). She is also a Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Facilitator granted by the Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute (Santa Rosa, USA). She is currently a professional member of International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) where her team was selected as one of the presenters in 11th IEATA Conference in Hong Kong. She works with Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) as arts instructor and product developer in their Adult Intervention Center. She also works with Kythe Foundation as the Volunteer Program Coordinator. 


She finished Cum Laude with the degree Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Arts from University of Santo Tomas, Manila.


She's a mother to 3 dogs and a gecko. She also enjoys painting murals in pediatric wards with Kythe Foundation to make hospitals a happy healing place for sick children.



Tanya is a Psychology practitioner.  She has done supervised counseling, assessment and training in the clinical, educational, and industrial settings.  She has conducted team buildings and self- care retreats and has facilitated various workshops on topics like wellness, stress management, resilience, movement meditation, relaxation, mindfulness, happiness, gratitude, purpose, career development, motivation, emotion management, diversity and inclusion.  She has worked with schools, hospitals, shelters, rehabilitation facilities, corporate clients and individuals with varied age groups from children to adults with learning disabilities, psycho-social and behavioral problems, problems of living, autism, and histories of abuse. 


 Her passion is on the field of expressive arts therapies, particularly the body and movement as a means of healing, which is the focus of her research and has presented her paper at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association Conference.  Continuously, she likes to further her learning by attending classes, seminars and workshops in the expressive art therapies.



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