5 Ways to Heal through Re-enchantment of the Soul

Whenever we get to the point of burnout, we always go for an escape. We travel far away from the city, do shopping, binge eat, party hard and drown ourselves in liquor. After all these, the problems and issues are still there. How do we really take a step back, find a way to move forward and face life's challenges head on? How do we heal through re-enchantment of the soul? Here are 5 ways:


1. Connect with your Inner Child


Become reunited to the child you once were. Having that sense of wonder, finding happiness in simple things, being enchanted with mysteries of life, playing like there's no tomorrow, singing, dancing, making art without caring about what other people will say. 

2. Connect with your Soul

Become connected with your soul, your inner voice, your inner flow, your inner compass, the Divine Spirit inside you. Find time to silence the sound of the outside world and listen to the message of your soul. Find out what does the soul need or want? Where does it want to go? What's the purpose of its existence? How can you honor it? Where does the beauty of it lies?

3. Connect with the Higher Being

Feel the presence of the Supreme Being. You may know Him (or Her) as God, Yahweh, Allah, Bathala or whatever you want to call the Higher Being. Feel the presence of the Divine in whatever form. It may not necessarily be inside a church or temple. Try to find the presence of the Supreme Being in other people's faces, in the earth where your feet touch, in the air you breath, in the trees and plant of Mother Earth, in celestial bodies above you, in the warmth of sunshine, in the cool touch of raindrops on your face, in the wind that dance with your hair. The Divine is always there protecting, caring and guiding you.


4. Connect with Other Souls

Connect with other souls, interweave your stories together and make a beautiful tapestry of soul stories. See the greatness of people you meet, the light in their eyes, the wisdom of their stories, their warm presence, the wounds that makes them strong, the gifts and passion they offer to the world.  Learn from one another, celebrate victories together, become each others "wounded healer" and know you're not alone in your life journey. There's always someone going through the same life experiences as yours.


5. Know that You Are Loved


When you've connected  with your inner child, your soul, the Supreme Being and other souls. Know that all these are evidences that you are loved, worthy and important. You are worthy of this gift of life and it is so beautiful to be alive while you live your life with purpose and meaning. 

When you experience all these, you will naturally heal. You will naturally find your way through life. You will naturally find your own inner light and wisdom. Because I believe, we all know the answers to our own problems. We just have to re-enchant your soul once more, be still, listen to the message of your own inner voice and  ignite the fire you already have.



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