Make a Promise to Hold Your Well-being Sacred!

When was the last time you took time to take care of yourself?



I had a struggle with that too. There’s always something more “important” to do. But last week, I succumb and heed to the call of my body begging for rest and played with my inner child. I took a self-paced Art Retreat during a three-day out of town trip in a peaceful place far from the hustle and bustle of city life. It was a very enlightening experience. I felt like I had a Eureka moment! The messages and wisdom came out through my artworks. I was able to transcend my PAIN into PAINTing and my STRESS into EXPRESSion. Art expression has really a way of healing, rejuvenating and enlightening us. I thought to myself; why not share this experience to as many people who feel the need to rest too?



As my heartfelt gift to you, I am giving and sharing you this Guided Prompts for Self-Paced Art Retreat for FREE! Just sign-up here! 



Yes! You read it right. It is free! I would like to share this experience with you to give you a glimpse of how arts, mindfulness and storytelling can help you take care of your own well-being. Even if you feel like you’re not “gifted” or “experienced” with the arts, do not be worried you’ll enjoy this too! I will gently guide you through the prompts to help you let go of your inner critic and get you in the flow of art making. 


I know you are very busy, but I encourage you to take a break, pause and take care of yourself. I urge you to make a promise to yourself to hold your own well-being sacred. It is very important to take care of your own well-being to be more, do more and give more for the people you love and things you love to do. And since this is self-paced, you can take small 10-minute breaks in between work or your other responsibilities to listen to the audio prompts.


To get the FREE Guided Prompts for Self-Paced Art Retreat, just simply visit subscribe to the tribe!



Looking forward to seeing you in one of the Arts for Self-Care Workshops!

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