Coffee Painting Meditation

What is Coffee Painting Meditation?

Coffee Painting Meditation is a fusion of coffee painting and active meditation to unload the burden experienced in day to day life. It is very important to take care of one’s well-being to do more, be more and give more for the people we love and things we love to do. 


Do participants need to have background in art to enjoy this workshop?

Participants don't have to be good in art to enjoy this workshop. They just have to be open to the experience and trust their own process. The facilitator will guide the participants every step of the art making.


What is active meditation?

This kind of meditation is not the stereotype of meditation with closed eyes and empty mind. This is best for people whose thoughts jump from one topic to another. Meditation is done actively. Prompts are given to the participants as they follow instructions from the facilitator.


Why use coffee as medium for art making?

According to research, the aroma of the coffee helps ease the stress. Imagine combining the scent of coffee with art making and meditation. It can be a very relaxing experience for the participants. 



● Mandala Painting - April 21, 2018

● Baybayin Calligraphy - May 19, 2018

● Intuitive Painting - June 16, 2018


Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Venue: White Space Mind and Body Wellness Center, 6th Floor Regis Center Bldg. Katipunan Ave. Quezon City


Php 650.00/person for 1 workshop

Php 550.00/person for group of 5

Php 1,650.00/person if you avail of 3 sesssions


We can only accommodate 20 participants per batch to maintain an intimate atmosphere during workshops


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