Arts for Self-Care - Expressive Arts, Life Coaching and Meditation

Arts for Self-Care

Explore different expressive arts such as painting, sculpture, music, movement and writing to unload the burden experienced in day to day life to help you regain more energy for the people you love and things you love to do.

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Work Life Wellness - Expressive Arts, Life Coaching and Meditation

Work Life Wellness

Let us work together to improve employee’s well- being. Work Life Wellness Workshop uses meditation, expressive arts and storytelling to help improve well-being.   When employees are well, they perform better and have healthier relationships with co-workers.

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Creative Learning Playshop - Expressive Arts, Life Coaching and Meditation

Creative Learning Playshop

Let your children learn new discoveries as they imagine and creatively express themselves through different Expressive Arts activities.  Plan this for your next kiddie party, company event for kids such as Halloween Party or Easter Egg Hunt and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Outreach for children.

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