Creative Healing Kit

Tinker Tata Metaphoric Cards

Tinker Tata Metaphoric Cards is a deck of 40 illustrative cards that encourages creativity, communication, and expression through fun suggested activities. This is a good tool for self reflection or bonding with your family, friends and colleagues.  It sets a safe space that allows for openness and understanding between the self and others.  Get creative and share to us how you use your own Tinker Tata Metaphoric cards.


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Carolyn Tongco and Tanya Maria Gonzalez - Expressive Arts, Life Coaching and Meditation

Tinker Tata Creative Healing Kit is a brainchild of practicing psychologist, Tanya Gonzalez, and artist, Carolyn Tongco, both advocates of expression, creativity, and empowerment through Expressive Arts. One day, Carol looked through her artworks and noticed that they seemed to have no purpose, just lying around her home. It just so happened that at that time, Tanya was looking for images and postcards that she can use for her individual and group therapy sessions. Carol then had a brilliant idea to assemble and print her artworks as cards. The cards then immediately became a favorite of Tanya and her clients. Carol and Tanya then realized that the cards can be enjoyed by more people. And so, the Tinker Tata Metaphoric Cards was born. Today, Carol’s artworks are happy to have found a home in psychologists, counsellors, teachers, artists, poets, individuals who want to discover aspects about themselves and groups who want to establish a deeper connection with each other. The Tinker Tata Metaphoric Cards is looking forward to find a home with you. It is the first of their many upcoming products for creative healing. Watch out for more!